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Sawadeekah Bangkok

Bangkok Getaway, June 2011

29 °C

It's pretty incredible to see places where people travel from all over the world to visit and see firsthand the vastness of a specific tourist spot of your preferred destination. So I am just so excited to see famous attractions of Bangkok such as The Grand Palace, the Reclining Buddha, the famous Pat Phong for nightlife, the exotic foods and the shopping haven Chatuchak Market.

One of my past time is reading travel blogs. And I read a lot of travel stories about ASIAN countries and top of the list destinations is Bangkok. People of different races across the world travel and fell in love with Thailand. Some are planning for their dream wedding in Bangkok, some are just family getaway in beautiful beaches and some are after of nightlife and learn why Bangkok is called the "Sex City". That encouraged me to see Bangkok too. And recently, an interesting fact that Yahoo.com issued about the 10 TOP BEST Cities in the World where Bangkok is on the top list beating Milan, Paris, New york and some of the worlds most famous cities. Interesting!

Few weeks before the departure date was too hustle preparing the itinerary. Reading online blogs that would help me create a better and organized where-abouts in Bangkok, learning basic Thai language and printing some of the addresses / attractions in Thai writing for easier communication.

ALL SET and ready aboard!

I'am with Leo my travel partner.

Flight is at 9:30 PM NAIA Terminal 3 Manila bound for Suvarnabhumi Airport and arrived 2 hours late than estimated due to some delay.
Suvarnabhumi Airport (Thai: ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูมิ, pronounced [sù.wān.nā.pʰūːm])is impressive! It's pretty new and the facade looks really beautiful and one of the busiest Airport in Asia. It's world class rated 3 stars by Skytrax, the worlds largest Airport review site.

We hired a cab going to our Hotel in Silom Road, right in the city center and paid 430 Baht. We arrived at the Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom after 25 minutes. It was about 2:00 AM so there was no traffic. We arranged our luggage and went to sleep.

Woke up at around 7:00 AM for sumptuous breakfast. I totally forgot the tiring flight and 3 hours sleep while enjoying several breakfast options. From fresh fruits, croissants and cereals, fresh milk and several fresh fruit juices, my favorite egg omelet and crispy bacon, from Bangkok authentic food to American breakfast.

And breakfast done...

And the city tour begins. Took out the printed Map and went to our first destination, the Grand Palace.

Getting to Grand Palace is a lot easier by taking Taxi or "tuk-tuk" however, according to one travel blog I read, it's more exciting to take Ferry thru Chao Phraya river to be able to see more of Bangkok. Therefore we decided to take that option. The Taksim Ferry station is approximately 10 minutes walk from our hotel in Silom Street where you can ride a Ferry worth 200.00 baht per person to Tan Thien Station.

After 5-7 minutes, we arrived at the ferry terminal which is about 300 steps to Grand Palace Entrance. There were several thai's offering you their goods and they will write the amount in a piece of paper (They are not an English country at all) . And if you response "so expensive!", they will hand you over the pen and the piece of paper so you can write the amount you want to bargain. LOL... Nice!

Right stepping at the main gate of the Grand Palace, there you can see hundreds of foreigners! They all scattered in different corners. Most of them are Chinese and Koreans, and some Westerners.
Due to my "broken pant" as they describe it, the security personnel did not allow me to enter the Palace and advised me to rent a "pants" and so with other tourist wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts - 200.00 baht rent refundable.
Here's the photo of me wearing broken pants.
And my rented patajong pants.

No wonder it's called GRAND PALACE, it is really beautiful! I imagine how Thai's in their creative and craftsmanship skills build this huge temples within the complex piece by piece. It could have been taken years to complete every single details of four each corners of this dazzling and spectacular Palace. Here are some of the photos and be get amazed!

This is just a small part of the corner of the temple. Look!
Close up photo: I was really amazed by this detailed artwork of Thai people.

Here are more photos inside the complex.
This was truly an amazing experience!

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My Luxurious accomodations in Bangkok

Holiday Inn Silom Bangkok and Intercontinental Bangkok

Holiday Inn Silom Bangkok is one of the best hotels in the city in terms of location, price, accommodation and customer service. I shopped several Inn or hotels before traveling to Bangkok and you may find cheap accommodations ranging from 500 Baht to 1,000 Baht. However, there are quite intriguing reviews in some travel blogs that cheaper hotels are usually located in "unpleasant" areas. That probably tells the price! So do not risk something for a little savings in your pocket.

The facade of the hotel may not be so impressive but wait until you get inside and you'll be amazed.

Lobby of the hotel was quiet amazing! I like the dim lights flashes all over which creates a cozy environment. I like the centerpiece located in near the main entrance.

Very clean room, linens are just so perfect for a good night sleep!

The washroom with complete personal kit

And of course The Brasserie for sumptuous breakfast and international buffet dinner

Intercontinental Hotel Bangkok is a 5 star modern hotel right in the center of Central Business District. Directly adjacent to sky train station provides fast travel throughout Bangkok. Going around the city touring and visiting attraction is very tiring however you will feel refreshed once you step in the lobby by its glamor and elegance! You feel like you are King or a Queen LOL.

Something new to me. Check In is right inside your room! Whatta nice experience (not the usual on at the front desk)

Hotels facade

Look at this fascinating and elegant lobby.

Isn't relaxing? Here's the room. Just so perfect for vacation.

These beautiful arts and furniture looks so expensive. I just like to take photos of each of the corner of the Bar at the Lobby

View of the city from my room at the 35th floor (Day and night time)

Rooftop outdoor swimming pool is perfect relaxation to end the day. It is overlooking the city!

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